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How to Prepare/ Study Tips for ISRO JPA Exam 2018

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ISRO Assistant Exam Preparation Tips

What is ISRO Junior Personal  Assistant Exam:-

Indian Space Research Organization will conduct written exam for Assistant Post in administrative support staff. Candidates who have passed their graduation are eligible to take part in this exam. ISRO conducts this exam once in two years so ISRO Aspirants waiting for this exam with fervency. It is an honour itself to work with ISRO. In the mean time competition is every exam is increase. It is not the time where Hard Work gives Selection but Today for selection you have to hard work & do Smart Study with full hearted attempt. So in this Article we discuss how to study for ISRO Assistant exam in less duration of time.

Exam Process:-

  ISRO Assistant exam selection process is quite simple. First Step is an All India Written Exam & Second Step is Interview. Candidates have to pass in objective Test & as well as in Descriptive Test for make themselves eligible for Interview. Candidates have to do upto mark study & focused preparation for this exam.

ISRO Assistant Exam:-

There is only One Written Exam For the  Junior Personal Assistant Post.

Part A:- There are 90 Questions in the exam. Questions will be asked from:-

(i) General English (ii) General Knowledge (iii) Arithmetic (iv) Reasoning (v) Computer Literacy

Part B:- This Part will be Descriptive by Nature.It is test of understanding of English Comprehension Of Candidates. There are only 3 Questions in this part from English Languages.

General English:- This is very important part of this exam. There are 23 Questions from English in this exam. So candidates need to be focused on English Language.

  • In this section candidates needs to focus more on selected topics like Errors, Active Passive Voice, Fill in the blanks, Sentence Correction.
  • It is often seen that candidates seems this part tough & less scoring. But this part is easy to score & less time taking.
  • This part is less time taking & relatively easy scoring than rest of parts.
  • Candidates are advised to don’t leave English part less prepared as it is very useful in scoring marks in written exam.

Topics to focus more:- Sentence Error, Sentence correction, fill in the blanks, Misspell word, One word Substitution, Active & Passive Voice, Preposition.

General Awareness:-

This is the section which is always in region of uncertainty. In this section there is liberty to choose any topic & ask ant type of questions related to topics because General Awareness covered vast syllabus.

  • Candidates can cover syllabus according to their strength as in this sections questions are to be ask from History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Current Affairs.
  • Candidates need to focus more on Current Affairs related to Indian, Science Technology & News Related to ISRO.
  • Candidates are advised to select questions on  which you have full confidence. Wrong Answers weaken your chances of scoring more.

Quantitative Aptitude:-

  Aptitude is the section which play final role in the marks & Merit List of candidates. Candidates who scores in this section have fare chances to score more marks in the written exam.

  • Candidates needs to save time in the written exam for solve this section. Candidates are advised to save time from Reasoning, English & General Awareness as this part takes more time to solve the problems.
  • To answer this part candidates needs to practice more on selected topics.
  • Candidates set your target to No. of questions to be solve with giving proper attention to all other sections because it is not practically possible to solve all Quant questions in this exam. Topic oriented scheme is useful for problem solving.
  • Candidates are advised to not solve time taking questions. The habit of recognize nature of question by mere seeing it can come only after practicing more & more Questions.

Topics to focus more:-

Simplification, Average, Percentage, Time & Work, Area, profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Time & Speed, Investment, HCF LCM, Problem On Ages , Bar Graph, Pictorial Graph, Pie Chart.

Reasoning:- Questions asked from Reasoning Section are less compared to English, GK & Aptitude Part. But this section is still of equal importance.

  • This section is very scoring so candidates needs to focus more on this part.
  • Reasoning questions are less time taking than Aptitude questions.
  • This section needs concentration. With proper guidance & ample practicing candidates can get full marks.
  • This part play a crucial role in deciding merit of candidates. Marks of candidates also depends on this section.

Topics to focus more:-

Semantic Analogy, Symbolic/Number Analogy, Semantic Classification, Symbolic/Number Classification, Semantic Series, Figural Pattern – folding and completion, Number Series, Coding and de-coding, Problem Solving.

Computer Knowledge:-

In ISRO exams some questions from Computer Section will be asked.

  • In this section question are asked from topics related to Basic of Computers, Computer Organization, Generations of computer, Input & Output Device, Shortcuts & Basic knowledge MS word, MS Excel, MS power point, Memory Orientation, Internet, LAN, WAN, Modem, Computer Abbreviations, Modern day Technology.
  • Candidates can easily score in this sections because syllabus is not so vast. Questions ask on operations which a persons generally done on computers.
  • This part is less time taking also so it can help in solving more no. of questions in Reasoning & Aptitude.

Descriptive Section:-

This Part is also of equal importance with Objective Part. Candidate have to pass in this Part also to be eligible for Interview.

  • Candidates have to write an essay on given topic.
  • For writing more scoring essay, candidates require to be familiar with Every day current topics & Recent News.
  • Second important section is Comprehension Passage. Read Comprehension carefully & answer according to questions. Some questions of Synonym, Antonym & One word substitution can be ask from the passage.
  • Candidates are asked to write a letter on the given subjects. It is beneficial to have a look on all types of Letter Pattern. Practice upto 10-15 Letter writing.

ISRO Interview:-

Candidates who are declared qualify in the written exam will be called up for Interview. Marks of Interview will decided by ISRO. Candidates have to secure minimum qualifying marks. In Interview main focus is on your personality, confidence, Current Affairs related to National & International Affairs, News related to ISRO, Info About ISRO, & Personal Information.

Tips to Crack ISRO Assistant Exam:-

Candidates need to follow following Tips to crack ISRO Exam.

  • Focus on your Goal, Regular Reading & Selection Oriented preparation only helps you to crack this exam.
  • Study Topic wise. Take one topic at one time & practice more questions on that topic to make it your strength in exam.
  • After Reading all syllabus. Take yourself time to revise important topics related to exam. In Revision process focus more on the Topic which are your weakness. Pay less attention to Topic you well prepared.
  • Prepare according to previous papers & Practice more no. of questions.
  • In the Examination Hall make strategy according to your preparation. Take that section which is your strength & less time taking. Pay attention towards time during solving questions.
  • There is Descriptive Section also in this exam so do Objective part taking remaining time in mind.

Candidates can download ISRO Previous Year Questions Papers from the Link Given below:



How can one Prepare for Perfect Interview, it is big question. We can’t provide you exact questions which to be asked in Interview. But we provide you expected areas questions from where question may be ask from you in Interview.

Important Areas:- interviews are basically based on six areas.

  • Resume/ curriculum Vitae (CV) of Candidate
  • PostKnowledge of candidate
  • GK (Current Affairs) and Computer Knowledge (Basic Questions)
  • About Interview Conducting Organization
  • Why ISRO?
  • Why Govt. Job?

CV/ Personal Information :-

  For any interview preparation, a candidate should prepare a detailed bio data of yourself i.e. your qualifications, your place of birth, places where you have studied, your hobbies, extra activities, your family etc. In these type of questions candidates need to be more confident. As they belong to you as personal, so you need to answer these questions in a convenient manner. They may ask Positive & Negative qualities of you, so be ready with an answer.

Candidates need to practice of way of Answering, Speeching. Be familiar with the Bank Terms. They may also ask abbreviations from you related to Banking. Focus on rates & Policies of SBI.

Current Affairs:

Be thorough with current affairs from past three months. Recent awards, Major issues, Sports related
questions, State Governors and Chief ministers, Countries, Capitals, Currencies, Parliaments. Computer Knowledge: Be thorough with basic computer terminology. Don’t Hesitate to make a guess.

About Organization:-

Candidates must have Information about ISRO, its works area, history, profile. If you are employed anywhere, you must be asked about that organization. Candidates need to answer confidently. Don’t make wrong statements, this leads to negative marking. If you don’t know the Answer but still want to make a guess then ask Interviewer in polite manner “ Sir, I do not know exact answer but if you allow me to make a guess then my Answer is ……..”.

Why This Sector?–

This question is very important and has been asked in interview boards regularly. By this question simply they want to know, why you want to join as Assistant in ISRO
If you are going for Assistant interview with B. TECH/MBA/MCA/ M.SC/ M Tech degrees? These prominent questions will be ask from you.

1. Why you want to join as a Assistant with technical degree?
2. Aren’t you overqualified for Assistant post?

Need to answer these type of Questions in a convincing manner. Don’t make false arguments of over confident. Answer Should be genuine according to you.

Why Govt. Job? –

When you are going for any govt. job interview, you have to very clear in your mind that why you want to join govt. sector.

  • A government job provides job security and commands much more respect in society than a private job.
  • By any chance, if some of your relates, parents etc are associated with a government job or bank; you should cite the example of such cases and mention that you have seen these people and they have been your inspiration.
    Note: Never answer in a openly manner “I did not get any other job, or I need job at any cost, There is a lot of pressure in private sector”. You would be countered with more questions.

Tips to Crack an Interview:-

Here given the following Tips which one have to remember while attending an Interview:-

  • Be Confident & Stay Focused.
  • Enhance your communication skills, It is the Mains thing which makes the difference.
  • Stay Calm & Don’t Hesitate. Focus will be on hearing the Interviewer what he ask you.
  • Pay Attention & Regards to each of the member of Interview Panel.
  • Don’t argument in any situation with the Interviewer, It may leads to showing your negative characteristic.
  • Be well Dressed. Confident will shown on your face.
  • Answer to Each questions with a honest smile on your face.
  • Maximum Marks you can get by your Attitude. Keep your Attitude Positive Always.
  • Don’t Hesitate to ask for water, if your throat is not well.
  • Answer Each question with Confidence & Humbleness. Don’t take too much Stress.
  • Don’t Showing your frustration & Hopelessness after Interview.
  • Convey your Regards after Interview is over.
  • Most of the Interviews will held up for Maximum 10 to 15 Minutes, try to give your 100 % in these 15 minutes.
  • Show the best version of Yourself in the Interview Hall. Give them every reason to select you.

Final Words:-

Aspirants! Stay focused on your ultimate goal. You are born to win. No exam is tough until you decided to crack this full dedication & Hard Work. Stay focus on your study plan. Make full hearted attempt towards cracking the nut of ISRO Assistant Exam. Give your 100% in the exam. Surely You will get your ultimate goal.

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 All the Best For ISRO Junior Personal Assistant Exam

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