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UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Top Colleges List 2022 Check DIET Rank Wise List

UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Top Colleges List 2022 Uttar Pradesh D.El.Ed (BTC) Most reputed College to take Admission 2022 UP D.El.Ed_Top_Colleges Address Contact No. 2022 Check UP D.El.Ed Rank wise colleges list 2022 UP D.El.Ed Top Colleges List 2022 Check Rank wise Download PDF Check UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Top Colleges List 2022

UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Top Colleges List 2022

UP D.El.Ed Top Colleges :-

As many candidates have filled the Online Applications to take the Admission in the UP D.El.Ed. Course. The Course is of 02 Years Full time Course. The D.El.Ed. course (Formerly BTC) is very reputed among the youth who want to be a successful teacher in Basic Education.

But after Filling the Application Form, The candidates are very complicated about to make their Choices of the Colleges. As the candidates will proceed to the next Step after the Application, that is Counseling Process. So when they will not get to know which colleges is better for them, then they can do blunder while filling their Online Choices.

That’s Why we Are giving the Precise details about the Top D.El.Ed. Colleges in UP. Take A Look At that…

UP DIET Top Government Colleges List

Name of the DIETFull Postal AddressName of InchargeDesignationContact No. / Email Address
DIET AGRAPanchkunya Shahganj,Agra,Pincode-282001,Uttar Pradesh Shri Ahivaran SinghPrincipal7376270457 diet.agra@gmail.com
DIET ALIGARHDIET  Madrak Agra Road Aligarh 202001Dr. Indra Prakash Singh SolankiPrincipal7376270453 diet.aligarh@gmail.com
DIET PRAYAGRAJ Civil Line, Prayagraj, Pin Code – 211001Shri Praveen Kumar TiwariSr. Lecturer7376270456 diet.allahabad1@gmail.com
DIET AMBEDKAR NAGARDIET Alapur, Post-Baskhari, Ambedkar Nagar 224145Shri Hridray Narayan TripathiVice Principal7376270440 ambedkarnagar.diet@gmail.com
DIET AURAIYADiet Ajitmal Auraiya Near Kotwali Ajitmal Auraiya 206121Shri Devendra PrakashVice Principal7376270459 diet.auraiya1@gmail.com
DIET AZAMGARHJaafarpur, Near RTO Office Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh 276001Shri Amarnath RaiVice Principal7376270443 diet.azamgarh@gmail.com 
DIET BAGHPATBaraut , Bagpat, Pincode-25061,Uttar PradeshShri Vinay Kumar GillPrincipal7376270437 diet.baghpat@gmail.com
DIET BAHRAICHPayagpur, Bahraich,Uttar Pradesh Pincode-271871Shri Uday RajPrincipal7376270431 diet.bahraich@gmail.com
DIET BALLIANavapura Pakwainaar, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh 277001Shri Surya Bhan SinghSr. Lecturer7376270463 diet.ballia1@gmail.com
DIET BALRAMPURBalrampur, Pincode-27120,Uttar PradeshShri Vishnu Shyam DwivediPrincipal7376270442 diet.balrampur@gmail.com
DIET BANDAPrincipal, Diet Civil Line Banda, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 210001Shri Harish ChandraB.S.A.7376270465 diet.banda@gmail.com
DIET BARABANKIBahram Ghat, Ganeshpur, Tahseel Ramnagar, Barabanki Pin-225201Hifurgur RahmanPrincipal7376270551 diet.barabanki1@gmail.com
DIET BAREILLYNear SDM Court Faridpur Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 243503Smt. Shashi Devi SharmaPrincipal7376270484 diet.bareilly@gmail.com
DIET BASTIPlastic Complex, Basti, Pin- 27200,Uttar PradeshMasoud Akhtar AnsariSr. Lecturer7376270449 diet.basti@gmail.com
DIET BIJNORDIET ISMAILPUR DIST BIJNOR Girwar SinghVice Principal7376270438 diet.bijnor@gmail.com
DIET BADAUNBadaun Pincode- 243601,Uttar PradeshRajeev DiwakarSr. Lecturer7376270461 diet.budaun@gmail.com
DIET BULANDSHAHRDm Road BulandshahrMahendra Singh RanaPrincipal7376270470 diet.bulandshahar@gmail.com
DIET CHANDAULISarnath, Varanasi Pincode- 221007,Uttar PradeshBhupendra SinghPrincipal7376270472 diet.chandauli@gmail.com
DIET CHITRAKOOTStation Road Shivrampur, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-210205C.L Chaurasiya Principal7376270476 diet.chitrakoot@gmail.com
DIET DEORIARampur Karkhana, Deoria, Pincode-274405,Uttar PradeshShri Rajendra Prasad YadavVice Principal7376270416 diet.deoria@gmail.com
DIET ETAHKuch-Much Kalan, Etah, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 207001Shri Manoj Kumar GiriPrincipal7379270479 diet.etah@gmail.com
DIET ETAWAHNear Kachahari Etawah, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-206001Shri Shyam Prakash YadavVice Principal7376270483 diet.etawah@gmail.com
DIET AYODHYA JTC Field Haiderganj Faizabad, Pincode-224205,Uttar PradeshSandhya SrivastavaPrincipal7376270484 diet.faizabad@gmail.com
DIET FARRUKHABADGT Road, Chhibramau, Kannauj, Pincode- 209721,Uttar PradeshShri Vijay Pal SinghVice Principal7376270485 diet.farrukhabad@gmail.com
DIET FATEHPURKanpur Road Fatehpur, Pincode- 212601,Uttar PradeshShri Anandkar PandeyPrincipal7376270489 diet.fatehpur@gmail.com
DIET FIROZABADKapawali, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 283203Smt. Vimlesh Vijay ShreeIncharge Principal7376270491 diet.firozabad@gmail.com
DIET GAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARTown Area Dankaur,G.B.Nagar, Pincode- 201301,Uttar PradeshShri Sanjay UpadhyayPrincipal7376270492 diet.gbnagar@gmail.com
DIET Hapur (GHAZIABAD)Kothigate Hapur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 245304Shri Dinesh SinghPrincipal7376270498 diet.ghaziabad@gmail.com
DIET GHAZIPURSaidpur, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-233304Shri Rakesh SinghSr. Lecturer7376270493 diet.ghazipur@gmail.com
DIET GONDADarji Kunwa, Gonda, Pincode-271123, Uttar PradeshVinay Mohan VanVice Principal7376270428 diet.gonda@gamil.com
DIET GORAKHPURLailatpur, GORAKHPUR, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-273001Shri Jai PrakashSr. Lecturer7376270496 diet.gorakhpur1@gmail.com
DIET HAMIRPURSumerpur, Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 21042Shri Prem Chandra YadavSr. Lecturer7376270497 diet.hamirpur@gmail.com
DIET HARDOICinema Chauraha, Nagheta Road, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 241001Shri Virendra Kumar DubeyIncharge Principal (DIOS)7376270448 diet.hardoi@gmail.com
DIET JAUNPURAlfastenganj, Kotwali,  Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 222001Shri Nand Lal YadavVice Principal7376270445 diet.jaunpur@gmail.com
DIET JHANSIBaruasagar, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-284201Shri Mukesh Kumar Raijaida Principal7376270503 diet.jhansi@gmail.com
DIET J.P. Nagar (AMROHA)Budanpur, J.P Nagar, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 244221 Dr. Pravesh KumarSr. Lecturer7376270440 diet.jpnagar1@gmail.com
DIET JALAUNPindari JalaunIncharge Principal (DIOS)7376270502 diet.jalaun@gmail.com
DIET Kanpur Nagar Narval, Kanpur Nagar, Uttar PradeshSmt. Rekha SrivastavaPrincipal7376270452 diet.kanpurnagar@gmail.com
DIET Kanpur Dehat Main Road Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh Pincode 209111Shri Sacchidanand YadavSr. Lecturer7376270425 diet.kanpurdehat1@gmail.com
DIET KANNAUJGT Road, Chhibramau, Kannauj, Uttar-Pradesh,Pincode-209721,Uttar Pradesh Incharge Principal (BSA)7376270504 diet.kannauj@gmail.com
DIET KAUSHAMBIManihanpur, Kaushambi, Uttar-Pradesh, Pincode- 212207Shri Swadesh KumarSr. Lecturer7376270418 diet.kaushambi@gmail.com
DIET LAKHIMPUR KHERIRajapur, Lakhimpur, Uttar-Pradesh, Pincode- 262701Shri Om Prakash GuptaPrincipal7376270447 diet.lakhimpur@gmail.com
DIET KUSHI NAGARPadrauna Road, Arjunaham Kasia, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-274402Shri Manmohan SharmaVice Principal7376270430 diet.kushinagar@gmail.com
DIET LALITPURCivil Line Ghusyana, Near Bus Stand, Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-284403Shri Maharaj SwamiSr. Lecturer7376270508 diet.lalitpur1@gmail.com
DIET LUCKNOWJbtc Campus Nishtaganj Lucknow 226007Shri Pawan SachanPrincipal7376270511 diet.lucknow@gmail.com
 DIET HathrasRamanpur, Hathras 204101Smt. Richa GuptaPrincipal7376270450 diet.hts@gmail.com
DIET MAHARAJGANJDanewa Dhanei Nichlaul Road, Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh Pincode -273301Shri Amarnath RaiVice Principal7376270419 diet.maharajganj@gmail.com
DIET MAHOBAMuhalla-Suharyawn Near Bsnl Exchange Charkhari, Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 210421Shri Suresh PratapP.I.O.S.7376270433 diet.mahoba@gmail.com
DIET MAINPURIBongaon, Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-205262Shri Narendra Pal SinghVice Principal7376270516 diet.mainpuri@gmail.com
DIET MATHURAOpposite Mathura Refinary Township Gate Baad 281006Shri Mahendra Kumar SinghPrincipal7376270521 diet.mathura@gmail.com
DIET MAUImiliya, Mau, Pincode-275101,Uttar PradeshS.P. SinghSr. Lecturer7376270525 diet.mau@gmail.com 
DIET MEERUTChota Mawana, Meeruth, Pincode- 250002 ,Uttar PradeshShri Shrawan KumarPrincipal7376270526 diet.meerut@gmail.com
DIET MIRZAPURPatehara Kalan Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-231001Shri Fateh Bahadur SinghVice Principal7376270434 diet.mirzapur@gmail.com
DIET MORADABADKanth, Post-Kanth, Moradabad,  PIN 244501   7376270416 diet.moradabad@gmail.com
DIET MUZAFFARNAGARCircular Road, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 251001Shri Bheem SinghPrincipal7376270529 diet.muzaffarnagar@gmail.com
DIET PILIBHITBisalpur Distt Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode- 262201Shri Shafique Mohammad SiddiquiPrincipal7376270530 diet.pilibhit@gmail.com
DIET PRATAPGARHVill & Post – Atarsand, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 230401Mohd. IbrahimPrincipal7376270535 diet.pratapgarh@gmail.com
DIET RAE BARELIDoor Bhash Nager, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 229001Shri Rajendra PrasadPrincipal7376270536 diet.raebareli@gmail.com
DIET RAMPURNEAR BSA OFFICE RAMPUR CIVIL LINES RAMPUR, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 244901Smt. Neelam Rani TamtaVice Principal7376270451 diet.rampur@gmail.com
DIET SAHARANPURPatni, Saharanpur, Pincode-24700,Uttar PradeshShri Raj Singh YadavPrincipal7376270539 diet.saharanpur@gmail.com
DIET SANT KABEER NAGARKhalilabad, Santkabeer Nagar, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-272175Shri Pratap Singh BaghelPrincipal8765148025 diet.sknagar@gmail.com
DIET SANT RAVIDAS NAGAR (Bhadohi) Diet Gyanpur BhadohiAmit KumarB.S.A.7376270436 diet.srnagar@gmail.com
DIET SHAHJAHANPURDadraul Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh Pincode-242001Anchal MishraVice Principal7376270547 diet.shahjahanpur@gmail.com
DIET SHRAVASTIIkauna, Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh Pincode-271831Shri Kamlesh KumarPrincipal7376270429 diet.shrawasti@gmail.com
DIET SIDDHARTH NAGARDistrict Institute Of Education & Training Bansi District-Siddhartha Nagar Pin -272153Suryakant TirpatB.S.A.7376270548 dietbansisiddharthnagar@gmail.com
DIET SITAPURKhairabad Sitapur Pin Code 261131J.P. Singh 7376270446 diet.sitapur@gmail.com
DIET SONBHADRABadauli Chauraha Tata Agenci Ke Samane, Pincode-231216,Uttar PradeshShri Rajendra PrasadPrincipal7376270435 diet.sonbhadra@gmail.com
DIET SULTANPURVivek Nagar Near Railway Station Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 228001Shri Ramu Prasad VermaPrincipal7376270424 diet.sultanpur@gmail.com
DIET UNNAONear GGIC, Moti Nagar Unnao Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 209801Shri Prem Praksah MauryaPrincipal7376270549 diet.unnao@gmail.com
DIET VARANASISarnath Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Pincode- 221007Shri Umesh Kumar ShuklaVice Principal7376270421 diet.varanasi1@gmail.com

UP D.El.Ed. Top Private Colleges List

Sr. No.Colleges NameAddress
1.Abdul Aziz Ansari Degree CollegeMajdeeha, Shahganj Jaunpur
2.Abhay MahavidyalayaTarna Koirajpur, Varanasi
3.Abhay Pratap Singh Degree CollegeKuwarpur Road, Bindki Fatehpur, UP
4.ACME Institute of Management and TechnologySikandara, Agra
5.Adharshila College of EducationMeerut, UP
6.Advance College of EducationG.T. Road, Kanpur
7.Akbarpur MahavidyalayaKanpur Dehat
8.Amar Shaheed Kanchan Singh PG CollegeKhaga, Fatehpur
9.Anjali Institute of Management & ScienceEtmadpur, Agra
10.APS College of Education & TechnologyKhivai, Meerut
11.Astron College of EducationMeerut
12.Ayodhya Prasad Memorial Degree collegeBadaun
13.AYT College of EducationDeoria
14.Azad Degree CollegeLucknow
15.Babu Kamta Prasad Jain MahavidyalayaBagpat
16.Banshi College of EducationKanpur
17.banshidhar MahavidyalayaJalaun
18.Basanti Devi Degree CollegeBulandshahr
19.Beni Madhav Singh MahavidyalayaAllahabad
20.Bhagwant Singh Institute of Professionals StudiesMoradabad

UP BTC (D.El.Ed) Private College List :-

Total 2670 Private Colleges in Uttar Pradesh at this Time (2022). District Wise Private College List is Available Here and UP BTC Candidates Can Download it in pdf and Check these colleges with Address.  Download full List of Private Colleges through given below Link.

Check UP’s District All Colleges Here

UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Counseling ScheduleUP D.El.Ed Counseling Schedule & Detailed Procedure
Download UP D.El.Ed. Best College List 2022Check List Here
UP D.El.Ed Notification 2022Detailed UP D.El.Ed Notification 2022
UP BTC Official Websitehttps://updeled.gov.in/

All Dear candidates if You have any Query regarding the UP D.El.Ed (BTC) Top Colleges List, Kindly Write them in the Comment Box given Below.

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